Letter to China Eastern Airlines

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China Eastern Airlines

Letter to China Eastern Airlines

May 18, 2022

House 277 Street 63
Sector E-11/3
Islamabad, Pakistan 44000

Mr. Yang Min Li – President
China Eastern Airline
China Eastern Airline Headquarters
Shanghai Branch Office
No. 258 Weihai Road
Minhang District
Shanghai, China


Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned, write to you today expressing our deep concern regarding the possible employment of the uninterruptible autopilot as the cause of the horrific crash of China Eastern Airline flight 5735.

Captain Field McConnell, (retired) a former US military F16 fighter pilot, and a Northwest Airlines DC-10 captain with 35 years’ experience as a pilot. first discovered this autopilot system in December 2006 and reported it to US authorities with regard to the hijacking of the 9/11 aircraft only to be ignored.

After the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Air 370 over the Indian Ocean on 8 March 2014, Captain McConnell was given a first-class round-trip ticket from his home domicile in Plum City, Wisconsin to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to brief officials there on the uninterruptible autopilot as he is the noted global expert on this system.

Captain Dan Hanley (retired), a former US naval aviator and United Airlines B-777 captain with 35 years’ experience as a pilot, serves as director of a grassroots organization called 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers whose website is at 911pilots.org and YouTube channel at 911pilots.

The purpose of this organization is to show that there were no hijackers at the controls of the 9/11 aircraft but that these aircraft were electronically hijacked through employment of the uninterruptible autopilot system that enables a remote source to take complete control of the aircraft autopilot and flight management computer and fly the aircraft to its destination. Once engaged, the pilots cannot disconnect this system. Please refer to the 911pilots.org website paying particular attention to the “Remote Control” page on the drop-down menu.

These allegations have been reported to all relevant levels and branches of the US government in the past year only to be ignored.

Because we strongly suspect that, given the flight profile, Chinese Eastern Airlines flight 5735 may very well have been electronically hijacked and remotely controlled into the steep dive that cause the crash, we would like to assist the Civil Aviation Administration of China in any way possible given our knowledge of the uninterruptible autopilot system and would be more than happy travel to Shanghai to do so.

Please forward this letter to China Eastern Headquarters in Shanghai as soon as possible. We were unable to locate an address for the headquarter office.\


Captain Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City, Wisconsin 54761 USA
Email: fieldmcc71@yahoo.com

Phone: +001 715 448-0666

Captain Dan Hanley
House 277 Street 63
Sector E-11/3
Islamabad, Pakistan 44000
Email: captaindanhanley@gmail.com
Phone +92 300 555-0644
Website: https://911pilots.org