About Captain Hanley

I commenced flying over fifty years ago in 1968, first as a civilian pilot, then as a naval aviator, and finally as a United Airlines captain being forced into a wrongful early retirement eleven years prior to my mandatory retirement age of 65 in 2003 for speaking out about safety, security, and other 9/11-related issues.  Over a career span of 35 years, I flew 15 different type aircraft accumulating over 20,000 flight hours.

With all my flight experience, I can unequivocally state that I could not possibly have flown the 9/11 flight profiles, in particular the Pentagon profile, at those speeds and altitudes and flying the spectacular aerial maneuvers performed by the alleged hijackers.

I do not believe that the alleged poorly trained and highly inexperienced 9/11 Muslim hijackers could have possibly been in control of the aircraft that day as they had never flown the very complex and highly sophisticated B-757/767 aircraft.  It is my assertion that the vast majority of the over 290,000 pilots in the world today will agree with my contention.

Our organization, 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers, intends to seek out highly experienced civilian, military, and airline pilots from around the world who will agree with our assertion.

We intend to find them.

Please join us in our noble and legal crusade in this regard by sharing this website to spread the word across the planet.

Thank you!
Captain Dan Hanley (retired)
United Airlines
Director – 9/11 Pilot Whistleblowers

“The Life and Career of Captain Dan Hanley”
Radio Show Hosted by David Gibbons June 7, 2010

Dan Hanley joins “In Discussion” to outline the urgent reform required for an industry and country marred by the whistle blower dilemma.  He has been attributed to and known for dedication to alerting the public of negatively impacting affects upon the safety of air travel.  Dan Hanley as a seasoned airline captain with 35 years of service was discharged from a long and successful career, after raising valid concerns over federal aviation violations.  He was subsequently discharged and isolated from an industry and career that had been well-earned and handled with professionalism and care.

Click Here  to read the Affidavit of Daniel William Hanley in Support of the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Justice Investigation of Alleged Fraud in the United Airlines Post-9/11 Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 



I served with distinction as a US Navy Military Officer and Aviator